Question: How Do Control Freaks Work?

How long does it take to get control freaks?

Please allow 3-8 business days for domestic orders to arrive, and 3-4 weeks for all international orders.

You will find general updates for your country below..

Do you put Kontrol Freeks on both analog sticks?

It’s all a matter of preference. I had short FPS Freeks on my 360 controller that I used on both sticks. Now I have one of the taller Freeks on my One controller (not sure which, similar to the FPS) and it feels different and takes some getting used to.

Are longer Thumbsticks better?

The point of higher sensitivity is to make turning around more quickly at the cost of fine movement. With longer sticks, you make up that loss in fine movement. Longer sticks pair well with higher sensitivity.

Are all control freaks the same?

KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks Compatibility Guide KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks are primarily designed for standard Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One controllers. However, they often fit other controllers!

How do control freaks help?

KontrolFreek products are developed based on a careful study of ergonomics, ensuring each product also helps to reduce gamer fatigue, improving overall gaming comfort. We work with game developers, the gaming community and KontrolFreek fans to ensure that we make the best performance gaming products possible.

How do Kontrol Freaks work?

Thumbsticks are levers that decrease the amount of force necessary to move in and out of the controller dead zone, so your hand feels less tired. How? Less force means less work for the muscles of your wrist, hand and thumb – improving your overall comfort.

Does Kontrol Freeks really help?

I play with Kontrol Freeks and they definitely do help, but not drastically. They feel weird at first but when you get used to them, you can’t play without them. BTW, I recommend convex (domed) ones, but it’s really preference. I use a low rise on the left stick, and a high rise on the right stick.

How do I track my Kontrol Freeks?

You can track your order door to door via the UPS tracking provided in your shipping confirmation email. Once orders have shipped, KontrolFreek has no ability to alter or cancel orders.

Where is KontrolFreek located?

AtlantaKontrolFreek is headquartered in Atlanta.

Do Kontrol Freeks improve?

Increases your aim! I’ve been using kontrol freeks for years now, I’m glad I can go to Best Buy, and purchase them whenever in need. This product increases your aim in games such as call of duty, overwatch, and any other first person shooter. I would definitely recommend especially if you’re a serious gamer.

Do control freaks ruin your controller?

They’re fine. I’ve been using the Speed Freek Apex on all of my consoles for the past 6 years and they do no damage to the sticks.

How long does it take to get used to control freaks?

It took me a day or two to get used to them. Once you play with them all, it’s almost impossible to play without them. It took me like 2 days to get used to them, now when I go to a friends house I always bring mine because I cant play on a regular controller.

Do Kontrol Freeks wear out?

Obviously they wear down over time but that’s to be expected.

Are control freaks good for fortnite?

The thumbsticks have a circular pattern to improve comfort and notched grooves reduce chances of your thumb slipping off them while you’re in intense combat. And although they’ll make your thumbstick a little taller than the standard thumbsticks on your controller, KontrolFreek promises improved quickness and control.

Do Thumbsticks help performance?

Can thumbstick controller grips improve your Xbox One gaming performance? Whatever it says on the box, performance increases aren’t guaranteed. But thumbsticks can certainly help you out. I’ll start by saying this: there is no quick fix to make you better at a game.

Will Kontrol Freeks work on ps5?

Along with the Performance Thumbsticks, the KontrolFreek Precision Ring, which is another device that can improve accuracy in shooters, and Gaming Lights and Gaming Cables will be compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.