Question: What Is The Opposite Meaning Of Relinquish?

What does relinquish mean?

1 : to withdraw or retreat from : leave behind.

2 : give up relinquish a title.

3a : to stop holding physically : release slowly relinquished his grip on the bar.

b : to give over possession or control of : yield few leaders willingly relinquish power..

What is the synonym of relinquish?

relinquishabdicate.cede.drop out.hand over.quit.renounce.waive.yield.

What means corpulent?

: having a large bulky body : obese …

What is the noun form of corpulent?

noun. bulkiness or largeness of body; fatness; portliness.

Is relinquishment deed mandatory?

Legal document: A relinquishment deed is a legal instrument which an heir can leverage to transfer or release his legal right of an inherited property to another person. … Must be registered: Under Section 17 of the 1908 Registration Act, it is mandatory that a relinquishment deed must be registered for it to be valid.

What is the opposite meaning of dissatisfied?

▲ Opposite of feeling or displaying disappointment or a lack of contentment. contented. satisfied. pleased.

What is the root word for corpulent?

“fleshy, portly, stout,” late 14c., from Old French corpulent “stout, fat,” from Latin corpulentus “fleshy, fat,” from corpus “body” (from PIE root *kwrep- “body, form, appearance”) + -ulentus “full of.” Leigh Hunt was sent to prison for two years for calling the Prince Regent corpulent in print in 1812.

How do you use the word corpulent in a sentence?

In personal appearance he was tall and corpulent, of a dignified presence and extremely powerful physique, with a bald forehead, close-cropped hair and short moustaches. Since Prince Andrew had last seen him Kutuzov had grown still more corpulent, flaccid, and fat.

What do you call someone who won’t give up?

Tenacious, persevering, persistent, pertinacious, determined, dogged, single-minded, strong-willed, tireless, indefatigable, resolute, patient, purposeful, diligent, assiduous, sedulous, unflagging, staunch, steadfast, stubborn, untiring, unwavering, unswerving, unshakeable, unyielding, uncompromising, insistent, …

When should you give up?

Knowing When to Give Up: 4 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Career (and What to Do About Them)You’re Chronically Exhausted. … Your Work Isn’t “You” … Your Salary Can’t Compensate for Your Unhappiness. … You Feel Your Time and Talents Are Being Wasted. … Pinpoint What’s Wrong. … Determine If You Need New Skills. … Assess Your Core Values.More items…

Have to let go meaning?

to stop thinking about or being angry about the past or something that happened in the past: … You need to let the past go and forgive those who have hurt you.

Is relinquished banned?

“Relinquished” Decks lost a lot of power when “Thousand-Eyes Restrict” was banned in the September 2006 List. But it still retains the basic field control aspect.

What is the opposite of relinquish?

relinquish. Antonyms: frieze, retain, assume, enforce, vindicate, assert, maintain, prosecute, defend, continue. Synonyms: resign, leave, quit, forsake, abandon, desert, renounce, give up, lay aside, cede, forego, repudiate, surrender, discontinue.

What is the opposite meaning of give up?

give up. Antonyms: resist, withstand, continue, persist. Synonyms: surrender, disgorge, yield, cease, desist, quit, relinquish, waive, cede, succumb, abdicate, abandon, desert.

What is the feeling of giving up called?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for give up, like: quit, renounce, surrender, abandon, lose courage, lose-heart, cease, cede, hand over, yield and abjure.

What does meticulously mean?

adjective. taking or showing extreme care about minute details; precise; thorough: a meticulous craftsman; meticulous personal appearance. finicky; fussy: meticulous adherence to technicalities.

What does monotonous mean?

1 : uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone : marked by a sameness of pitch and intensity. 2 : tediously uniform or unvarying. Other Words from monotonous Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about monotonous.