Quick Answer: How Do I Get Google On My Sony Bravia Smart TV?

How do I browse the Internet on my Sony Bravia TV?

Run the Internet Browser AppOn you remote control, press the HOME or MENU button.Select Apps or Applications.

If the Internet Browser icon isn’t displayed, go to All Apps or All Applications.

Select Internet Browser.Press the.

button.To exit the browser, press MENU or HOME button..

How do I download Web browser on my Sony Bravia smart TV?

Follow these steps to locate a browser app:Turn on the TV.On your remote control, press the HOME button.Select Apps.Select the Google Play store app.In the search window, use web browser or browser to locate an app that will meet your needs.

How do I sign into my Google account on my Sony Bravia?

Using the TV remote control, press the HOME button. Select Settings. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options: Select Account & Sign In — Add account — Sign In or Google.

Can’t sign into Google on Sony TV?

Unable to Sign in to the Google Play Store of the Android TVOn your computer, browse to the Google® account support website.In the Google Account support page, select Learn more.If you have forgotten your password, select You forgot your password. … In the Google Account support page, enter your email address.More items…•

Why doesn’t my Sony TV have Google Play?

To use Google Play, you need to have an Android TV. If it is a Smart TV without Android, you will only have apps that Sony made available for that proprietary platform. Without adding an external Android TV box, you cannot install any Android TV apps including Google Play.

Why can’t I sign into Google on my smart TV?

Make sure you’ve updated your YouTube app to the latest version in Google Play. Uninstall and reinstall the app on your device (even if you have the latest version). Make sure you’re using a Google Account to sign in. Try adding your Google Account to your mobile device using the instructions for Android devices.

How do I download Google Chrome on my smart TV?

To install Google Chrome quickly, run your browser (any) on your computer, phone or tablet and open the Google Play Store page. Log in to your Google account, the same one you have set up on your TV. Find Google Chrome applications and install them pointing to the TV. After installation, there will be no shortcut.

Is there a Web browser on Sony smart TV?

Your Sony Smart TV is capable of surfing the web using a web browser, just like your smartphone, tablet, or computer can. However, your Sony Smart TV does not come with a web browser pre-installed on it. This guide will walk you through how to install a web browser that you can use to surf the internet with.

Where is Google Play on Sony Bravia?

On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button. Under Apps, select the Google Play Store. icon or Google Play Store.

Can you download Google Chrome on Sony smart TV?

Install Google Chrome on a smart TV Chrome can only be installed directly on Android TVs. Other smart TVs, like Samsung or Sony TVs, will require workarounds. You can cast to a smart TV from another device that has Chrome installed.

Can’t find Google Play on Sony smart TV?

Can’t access the Google Play Store, Movies & TV, Music (Google play), YouTube, or Games appsPress the HOME button on the remote control.Select Help. If Help isn’t shown, choose Apps and then press the center (enter) button, then select Help. … The next steps will depend on your TV menu options: