Quick Answer: What Does BR Stand For In Medical Terms?

What is T C in medical term?

Abbreviation for: table of contents.


transitional care, see there..

What is the meaning of TC in blood test?

Oxygen entering the lungs attaches to the hemoglobin in the blood, which carries it to the tissues in the body. TC is total count or the number of WBC (White Blood Cells) per cubic mm of blood . DC is differential count, which expresses the types of WBCs in the blood.

What is Br in company?

Budget Report. BR. Business Register. BR. Blackground Records (record label)

What is Br in medical terms?

bpm—beats per minute. BR—bed rest.

What does BR stands for?

AcronymDefinitionBRBrownBRBest RegardsBRBrasil/Brazil (top level domain)BRBairro (Portuguese postal use)121 more rows

What does ROM stand for in medical terms?

range of motionROM. range of motion. rupture of membranes. ROP. right occipital posterior (see childbirth)

What does A & P stand for?

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea CompanyThe Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, better known as A&P, was an American chain of grocery stores that operated from 1859 to 2015. …

What does BR mean in text?

The abbreviation BR, meaning “Best Regards”, is most commonly used to wrap up online or text-based conversations. … Of note, “Best Regards” is also often abbreviated as BRGDS and as BEST.

What is normal TC in blood test?

What do the results mean? According to HIV.gov, a healthy T cell count should be between 500 and 1,600 T cells per cubic millimeter of blood (cells/mm3).

What does PX mean in medical terms?

prognosisPX: Medical abbreviation for prognosis.

What is Br in marketing?

BR — Bounce rate. This can be related to the website or email. With websites it’s reflective of people landing on the page and leaving without clicking on anything. With email, BR reflects the number of undeliverable emails sent to recipients.

What does BR mean in math?

BromineMathematics, science, and technology Bromine (Br), chemical element with atomic number 35. Newline element in: XHTML (

What does BR means in email?

best regardsThe meaning of ‘BR’ is ‘best regards. ‘ ‘Best regards’ or ‘regards’ is used at the end of a message to let the receiver know that the writer wishes them well.

What does BR mean in games?

BR in GamingBRBattle Royale Military, Army, WarBRBest regards Texting, Writing, Internet SlangBRBreak Rate Technology, Manufacturer, BreakBRBack Right Forum, Technology, PictureBRBall Release Ball, Release, Play15 more rows