Where Is The Archive In Wattpad?

How do you find archived stories on Wattpad?

Viewing your ArchiveOpen your Library by tapping on the Library button.Tap on Archived on the top menu, center..

How do you find your history on Wattpad?

How can you find your Wattpad history? If pertaining to the activity logs within Wattpad like voting on a story or following someone, you can find it within your Profile at the lower right corner of the app under Activity tab.

How do you find your private library on Wattpad?

On AndroidNavigate to your Homepage by tapping the Home button.Tap on a story cover.Tap the Add to beside Read.Select Library (Private)

Where can I find the story archive?

Desktop. To view the archive section on the desktop, open the Facebook homepage and click on the Archive option present at the top of Stories section. Alternatively, you will also find the archive section on your profile page right below the cover picture.

What does it mean to archive a book on Wattpad?

The Archive is where you can put stories that you have finished reading from your Library. It can also be a great place to keep stories you are not currently reading but want to keep a tab on in case there are any updates to it in the future.

Why did my story disappear on Wattpad?

Toggle your Wi-Fi connection off and then on. Try a data connection instead of Wi-Fi. Check if there is a newer version of the app and download the update if there is one. Log into the web version of Wattpad at www.wattpad.com to check if you can see your missing stories in there.